Revolutionize Permission Management

GrantX is a permission management plugin that allows you to grant and revoke player ranks within a GUI system. The add-on renders servers with a variety of unique features including rank reasons, grant logs, confirmation menus, and much more. With ample customization access, GrantX is the future of permission management!

I absolutely love the plugin and the support team is great! If you are looking to purchase this plugin I would recommend it without hesitation, it's absolutely amazing. Thank you Demeng and all of your team for this excellent product and service.

gianni2611, MC-Market

Amazing plugin works really great with no flaws. Ranks are granted very easily and revoled very easily woth no bugs or issues. They are imported with a simple command and it is really easy to configure them including the ingame items. The forcegrant command is also really good and you can grant ranks using console with that.

PyroFlamez, SpigotMC