Hi! I’m Demeng, a Java developer with 7 years of experience

I create premium and innovative software, from advanced administration tools to immersive never-before-seen game modes.

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Discord @demeng


Flexible and feature-rich practice core, taking your server to the next level.


Quick and flawless permission management, done through stunning GUI menus.


Functional cars and helicopters with repainting, upgrades, nitro fuel, and more.


Bank, jewelry store, and mine robberies with police busting and upgradable duffle bags.


Advanced automatic weapons, shotguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and tasers.

Jet Ski Race

Players maneuver jet skis around a course, competing for the fastest time with others.

Gradient Names

Multicolor gradient usernames, selected in a GUI menu and integrated into PlaceholderAPI.


Self-hosted license management, protecting your software from unauthorized redistribution.

My public plugins have been downloaded
more than 100k times
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Some people I've worked with

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Senior Studios AB

Creative Studio


Official Minecraft partner specializing in creating unique experiences for renowned brands and YouTubers.

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American gaming YouTuber with over 1.5 million subscribers, known for formerly playing games on the platform Roblox.

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ZyroFPS: MineRival

Server Owner


Twitch streamer and server owner with 900k+ supporters. Owner of MineRival, a public lifesteal SMP network.

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Gray Boys: The Mothership

Digital Project


Gray Boys's fast-paced first-person shooter battle arena and exclusive membership clubhouse.

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White Sands

Digital Project


Luxurious master-planned developments connected to hundreds of unique digital experiences.

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Hero Galaxy: FPS

Digital Project


Gaming metaverse with a world of planets, formidable challenges, exciting games, and competitive contests.

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Mail [email protected]
Discord @demeng